Christian ministers and their families are under an immense attack by Satan on a day-to-day basis. There is a dire need in the Body of Christ for encouraging and refreshing those who have been called by Christ to further His Kingdom through full-time Christian service. It is the heartfelt passion of the GAIN ministry team to provide a tranquil environment free from pressures and distractions that encourages pastors, spouses, and their families to refocus on their “first love,” each other, and their purpose in ministry.


All participants at a GAIN retreat receive an ALL EXPENSES paid stay including meals, lodging and activities. There are a couple of evening worship services and two small group sessions where individuals can worship, share, pray and encourage one another. We listen to specific desires for each family and work to make those hopes a reality. The retreat allows ministers and their families to use the time as the Lord directs.


We have hosted retreats in four locations in North Carolina:  Ocracoke, Topsail Beach, Lake Junaluska and Glade Valley.  We’ll be adding a fifth location this fall – Corolla!


“God’s just loving us to pieces. It’s overwhelming to me.”

“I could feel it on the ferry as we came to Ocracoke… someone was praying for me!”

“I’ve been overwhelmingly touched by all of the avenues that people have shown us love.”

“After this amazing experience of being so loved by the Father, our hope is that we will allow God to use us in the same mighty way to lavish His love on others. We will always be blown away by your level of deep devotion and obedience to the Father and His anointed.”

“I have received tangible expressions of the love of God this week. I’m reminded that we are not in the position to pay for His love. We just receive it.”

“I have seen the Body of Christ at work. We are all the body of Christ, and we all have things to bring to the table and to give.”

“I’ve been like Humpty Dumpty calling on the king’s horses and the king’s men. I’ve been reminded this week to call on the King.”