This ministry has been extremely blessed in that we had not paid for the use of a facility for a retreat until the summer of 2018. For 18 retreats, prime real estate was donated and that was how God chose to provide. In 2018, the Lord began providing the money to rent property (and His provision of that money has been equally miraculous!) Several years ago, the ministry received some land down in Hyde County. The Lord allowed that land to sell in August 2018. After much prayer, the Board of Directors for the ministry has decided to hold the money from the sale of the land aside as seed money to purchase a retreat facility to host GAIN retreats. We would like to invite others to add to this fund. We’re calling it The Grace Place. We’ve begun looking at property and praying/discussing with our core volunteers what a facility should have in order to adequately meet the participants’ needs.  Please join us in praying for the Lord’s provision for this property (both for GAIN and for those who will sell this property to the ministry). If the Holy Spirit prompts you to give, your donation will benefit countless families in ministries (and in turn bless all of the church fellowships and Christian ministries that they serve) for years to come.